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Worldwide, there has been a strong current in tailoring the trends of the wedding day exclusively to the bride and groom’s personality and style.

The International Wedding Trend report for 2018 explored themes interwoven from arts, design and fashion and recently presented their styling predictions for 2018 weddings.

There was a strong emphasis found in the Japanese style of “wabi–sabi” meaning “beauty in imperfection”. Raw textures of distressed timber still carry a strong presence and paired with soft linens make for a romantic tablescape.

Australia, having a varied landscape has shown the bohemian style still remaining today a strong choice throughout, incorporating the coastal influence most couples have grown up with. Outdoor ceremonies have taken precedence, with most couples still wishing to create an “altar” surrounded by an abundance of romantic florals.

Copper, a continuing trend in the past five years is starting to make way for more use of brass materials, often reflected in strong geometric lines.

Neutral hues remain a complementary accent worldwide, with a heavy emphasis on texture and earthy tones complemented with a wild arrangement of foliage makes for a relaxed, natural celebration.

Nicole Saf-Funk, of the featherette, based in Germany, says Bohemian, or better known as Boho style, as an expression of intellectual counterculture, stands for authenticity, independence and originality, while at the same time permitting a variety of trends. Nicole desired something offbeat for her own wedding day,

“a casual nonchalance” she says – a perfect reflection of the couple, celebrating with their loved ones in an unrestrained, raw environment complemented by unrestricted views of the outdoors. “My heart beats for a Bohemian Hippie lifestyle and vintage decorations. I`m a collector of vintage furniture and decorations. I spent many summers as a twenty-something in Ibiza, a sunshine island in the Mediterranean and fell head over heels for the island’s hippie spirit with its allowance and acceptance of other sub-cultures. A symbiosis of summer, long dresses, flowers in the hair…all of that absolutely had to be reflected in our wedding celebration. It [ bohemian ] allows a combination of different lifestyles…”

Nicole’s own wedding led her to create the featherette, a collection of thoughtfully gathered items couples may hire to complement their own wedding. Her website is a list of carefully curated decorative items for hire at www.thefeatherette.de – a perfect place for couples to dream of their own “Wild Wedding“.

“I aim to support other couples living their dream, their lifestyle, reflected in their very own, individual bohemian wedding day.”


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