Mille Étoiles

Mille Étoiles“She steps into the light, he waits for her.

The table is set,

soft roses adorn the table, candlelight catches their faces.

He gazes at her, they have eyes only for each other.

They converse, heads bent, voices low, full of love.

It is intimate. A New Years Eve, away from the noise, away from the crowds. Just them, and the light of a thousand stars.”

This ethereal night came together with a group of creatives who wanted to celebrate the New Year with an intimate shoot designed for those wishing to welcome the New Year in without the noise and crowds.

This Mille Étoiles shoot was shot exclusively for NUMA Magazine, in October 2016, leaving inspiration in time to pull together a romantic evening for NYE.

A soft floral pallete was accented by strong themes of gold woven into the shoot, with props and florals sourced and styled by The Little Studio Cronulla. Shelan Yen provided the handwritten invitations, place cards and menus. Sweet treats were enjoyed at the end of the night, provided by Sweet Mickie cookies.


Dan Le was positioned behind the camera, focusing on capturing the light before the sky outside gave itself to sunset and night set in. Hair and make up was by Beckie Zandstra and Jess adorned jewelry designed and made by Cocheta.

Nightfall appeared as the sun sank below the horizon and the stars appeared, ringing in the New Year with a golden glow.

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