RUUSK x The Blackline Collaboration

Made with Love, Worn with Soul

 “Designing for life is my motto. It’s about striving to create meaningful pieces that withstand trends and time, those pieces that you wear everyday and which, in a way become a part of you. This is what inspires me.”

Three Strand Cord favourite Tania has come together with talented calligrapher and all around cool chick Lauren Hung from The Blackline by Lauren to offer a Valentines’ gift perfect for your loved ones.

Every gift certificate purchased on RUUSK between now and 7th February will receive an artwork piece consisting of a handwritten quote, each one individually numbered as they are limited edition. There’s two quotes to choose from, giving you the perfect opportunity to make this Valentines Day a memorable one.

Also, have a peek at Tania’s thoughtfully curated gift guide on her journal, by following the link here; 

Meet Tania here –


Photography by Simone Williams @simonewilliamsphoto

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